About Ben Abell photography

When you entrust me with a project, you’re guaranteed quality services, reasonable rates, and stunning photographs. I am passionate about my photography. My simple ambition is to produce images that put a smile on my clients' faces. 

I work in natural settings rather than in a studio, as this better enables me to capture the real essence of my subjects. My post production work always ensures a quality product.

I am particularly well experienced in shooting all types of events (big or small),  both commercial and private portraiture, architecture and - my greatest passion - super cars! 

Call me now to talk through what you need and the work I can do for you.

About ME!

Hi, I'm Ben. 


I'm a young photographer who started off shooting super cars as a hobby around central London a few years ago and decided to turn photography into a career. 


After finishing my photography course at college, I decided to make a living out of my two great passions; photography and cars.


I have been lucky to work as a photographer in London and around the world in cities such as Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, and Miami. 


I offer a broad range of photographic services, meaning there’s something for everyone! 


When I'm not earning my living out of photography I am enjoying it as a pastime. Wherever I travel, at least one of my cameras is always with me. My favourite is my Sony Alpha 7Riv


I am a member of the media team of Team AMGUK and have traveled around Europe with them documenting their travels. I shoot images for the specialist super car website Cars247  - https://www.cars247.com/ferrari-488-pista/ and regularly photograph many of the big automotive events, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Concours D'Elegance at Hampton Court.

What I Offer


This includes private sittings and professional commissions from businesses for use in their marketing materials. My work has appeared on the front cover of several trade journals, features on the websites of a range of businesses, has been used on the albums of  a number of musicians and is included in the portfolios of some aspiring models.

Event Photography

This includes both small intimate events such as parties, family celebrations and weddings and large public events such as concerts, business conferences  and automotive events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

Architecture and Landscapes Photography

I have particular experience of producing images for property developers to use in their marketing materials.

Automotive Photography

I do many bespoke shoots at a wide range of locations for both supercar owners and dealers. I also do shoots of more humble cars that are much loved by their owners

My Clients

My clients include:

  • a portfolio of supercar owners and dealers,
  • a number of upcoming musicians,
  • a large international law firm,
  • an international property developer,
  • a bank,
  • a variety of small businesses and
  • private individuals who have engaged me to capture memories of their special events.

Find out More

I hope that you like my images. Please do look at my Instagram accounts if you would like to see more of my photographs.

I am available to undertake all types of photography. 

My clients are very important to me and so I work hard to deliver them a quick, bespoke, and professional service for reasonable rates. 

Whether you want some shots of an event you are organising, personal portraits, promotional images for your business, or some images of your super car, please get in touch!

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